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Jeremiah "JR" Richard is active in both theater and art at his middle school. Jeremiah's first acting experience came while in elementary school.

Olivia Stephanie's first role as an actress was anchor person for her elementary school TV news show. Please contact Olivia to learn what she's been doing lately.

Tina is a member of Screen Actors Guild and American Film Television Radio of America, which is now called SAG-AFTRA, ONE UNION. Contact:

Anthony McNeal live in Austin, Texas. Please contact Anthony for more information.  

Louis E. Russell, Jr., is a 14 year old actor who lives in Waco, Texas. His interest is singing and acting, both of which allows Louis to be himself.

Lyneé Michele is very enthusiastic about her career as an actress, singer/songwriter. Please contact Lynee for more info, via:

TITLE: Actor Jeremiah
INTERVIEW: Actor Jeremiah