Privacy policy

This web site is used strictly for promoting black films and web series. Black films and web series (to us) are described as productions which cast a sizable amount of black talent and/or films that are made by black filmmakers.


The films/series listed on this web site are films that are already on the internet on hosting sites such as You Tube or Vimeo, to name a couple. The owners of this web site do not own any of the films listed, except those produced/owned by Harrell D. Williams, Sr., and Heads-N-Crown Enterprises, LLC.


We are not responsible for the nature of the films nor the content. Our goal is only to promote and expose these films to a larger audience.


By way of this web site, the goal of Black Film Group, Film-maker Harrell D. Williams, Sr., Heads-N-Crown, Enterprises, LLC, in association with Sound Ground Productions and Flo-Rho-Lu-Ma Films is to promote and expose  the works of other black film-makers throughout the world.


Only the Rights to the design and the functionality of this web site are obtained by above mentioned parties. View content at your own discretion.